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Our Promise - No hidden charges.
Our Promise - No hidden charges.

Metal Plaques, Aluminium Plaques, Brass Plaques, Name Plates, Anodised Plaques, Photo Engraved & Glass Plaques, All Types of Information Signs.

When you want a plaque that has all the possibilities of a photograph then look no further. It's durable, it's elegant and it will meet your creative imagination! Logos, photos, line-art and fine text can all be produced to the highest quality 


Using today’s computer technology along with the skills of gifted graphic professionals, we combine the artistry of photography with modern style to create beautiful award presentations and memorial tributes that are also durable enough for outside use. These photographic metal pieces are UV stable as well as chemical and heat resistant which also makes them useful for labeling and signage

Whether you require a personal gift that will last a lifetime or a corporate award to take pride of place in your office / workplace. These metal, aluminium, or brass plaques are an ideal solution. They are perfect to use indoors or outside as they are virtually indestructable. 

Here is a small sample of the many metal plaques that we've sold
Please click on the thumbnails to see a larger image 




2 Colour Sign




Full Colour sign




B/W Photo Engraving

Black & white Photo

Full Colour sign



These Aluminium and Metal Plaques are the preferred material for name plates, control panels and bar codes in applications where service life expectations exceed 20 years for the part. Government and Aerospace extensively specify this material for demanding applications that require resistance to the effects of weather, abrasion, heat and most chemicals. This product has a truly unique durability.




2 Colour Outdoor Sign




3 colour Indoor Sign





2 Colour Outdoor Sign



2 Colour Outdoor Sign





5 colour Outdoor Sign


1 colour Presentation Plaque



Full colour Outdoor Sign


3 colour Outdoor Sign






As can be seen from the specification table below the very high durability ensure that these plaques are virtually indestructable.



Technical specifications / test results 




Abrasion Resistance

No pronounced image loss, degredation or reduced readability after 70000 cycles of an abrasing wheel 

 Acid Corrosion

No deterioration or image degredation after 24 hours in 3% nitric acid 

 Heat Resistance

No legibility loss or degredation when subjected to 537 centigrade -1000 Fahrenheight 

 Salt spray corrosion

 No deletious effect after a 720 hour salt spray (og) test. 2,6 "Very Good" corrosion resistance after 113 days seawater exposure.

 Accelereted Light and Weather resistance

No pronounced deterioration of legibility after 400 hour carbon arc weatherometer exposure 

 Accelerated Oxygen Aging

No Discoloration or fading or fading after96hour/300 psi / 70C oxygen bomb aging.

 Stain Resistance

No black fading when plates are eposed to tincture of iodine. 

 Cleaning Resistance

No deleteous effects when tested with alkaline cleaners (MIL-C-87937 or equivalent) for aircraft surfaces. 

Low temperature resistance 

No deleteious effect on image fade after 1 hour 

 Organic solvent resistance

 No softening staining or noticeable fade after 1 hour at 10C-50F
No impairment of legibility upon exposure at -19.5C - 67F

Fungus resistant 

Visual reading of"0" per ASTM-G21 

 Thermal shock

No deterioration after 3 cycles between -65C and 125C 

 Moisture resistance

 No deterioration after 10 humidity cycles per MIL-STD-202, method 106


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